Thursday, July 01, 2010

Damn You, Brenda!

You told me Lois McMaster Bujold was sooo good and I had to try her.  And now I'm halfway through Beguilement, and I'm looking for which library I can get the next Sharing Knife book from, and did you know this woman has written about six kersquillion books?  Possible closer to seven kersquillion.  That's like 7000 kajillion--and now I have to read all of them!  Like, right now!


What this book points out to me is actually where Mercedes Lackey's books for the new Harlequin fantasy imprint (Luna, I think it's called) has gone wrong.  This book is straight-up fantasy, but mostly the story is a romance, and my God, I feel like a twelve year old swooning when they make eye contact.  But it's such a solid story, both the romance and the fantasy plot, that it all works really well.  Whereas the one Lackey romance that I read--something about dragons and a geeky princess who gets cool new glasses and saves the world through books--was just awful, because it refused to embrace its romanticness--or really to even be romantic.  It was too busy making her a Strong Woman.  This book barely even notices that our heroine is a strong woman.  She just is.  She is weak only in the knees.

Sorry.  Bad pun.  Good book, though.

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Monkey Girl said...

I read a lot of Lois McMaster Bujold back in the day, but now you have convinced me to pick her up again.

It looks like I read the early Vorkosigan saga stuff. I remember really liking it.