Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweet Sweet Opium

Brenda, being all Kindled up, has offered me her outstanding credits on Paperback Swap, which is going to get me fired, thanks a lot Brenda.  I've spent way too much time browsing there, not to mention the fact that getting books means the opposite of reading them to me.

But oh my God, it's so much fun to make a wish list!  And there are definitely some Huge Epic Fantasy books that I want to read, but that will take me weeks to finish, which makes them risky library bait.  I think that my new plan in March is to always make sure one of the books in rotation at any given time is a non-library book.  

My first PBS books are actually en route right now!  I'm getting Redwall, by Brian Jacques, which I almost can't believe I've never read, and Karavans by Jennifer Roberson, a writer who has done a series that I loved (Tiger and Del) and one I couldn't care less about (Chronicles of the Cheysuli).  Somehow it seems less risky to get this with free PBS credits than at the library.  Or maybe I'm just a complete nutbar--who knows?

Okay, I was sarcastic before, but now I'm really serious.  Thanks a lot, Brenda.  I am a kid in a candy store--a kid on some very addictive opiates.  It's a Willy Wonka experience.

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