Sunday, June 26, 2011

Game Changer

Oh, kids, this is going to complicate everything.

 Behold:  my birthday gift. 

At this point in my life, I buy about five books a year.  All that is about to change.  The Kindle will be compatible with the library soon; till then, there are plenty of ways around these things: free samples, deep discounts, Project Gutenberg.  And there are things that can be fiddled with to solve these problems.

But mostly, I'm PILING up sample chapters right now.  It's light, but I can't actually read any faster on it than I could before.  I'm actually so excited about all the possibilities for what to read that I almost can't settle on something and just start reading.

Tell me it'll get more settled?  Oh, but don't.  Let me jitter like a caffeinated maniac from book to book till I pass out from the excitement--please!


Anonymous said...

I just got one! It seriously does change everything. So far I've limited myself to books under $3, with the vast majority free. Basically it means I'm reading a wider variety of authors, particularly new authors, in my chosen genres but it also means I'm reading a lot more crap books. But, honestly, I haven't started to mind yet, and I bet the library functionality is rolled out by the time I do.


JMLC said...

I'd be interested in knowing how it's different from reading a book- which sounds so simple, I know, but other than traveling, I don't know that I'd want one. So I'll be interested.

Amy said...

I've had my Kindle since September, and dont know what I did without it. :) There are A TON of freebies, I rarely pay for books, honestly. It's really nice. I can't wait for the library feature to come through, either. And, you can loan some of the books too. A great website to look at to get free/inexpensive books without doing the searches? Pixel of Ink. :)