Monday, April 09, 2012

More April!

Remember The Physick Book of Deliverance DaneWasn't that a fun read?  Katherine Howe's got a new one coming out tomorrow!

Unfortunately, as a new release by an author with a very popular first book, The House of Velvet and Glass has a sadly high Kindle price of $15, and I don't think I'll be buying it right away. But!  Historical fiction set in Boston!  In 1915!  With the Titanic as historical background!  And the nascent field of psychology!  I'm so excited already!  And I just heard about this yesterday--how'd I miss this one?

There used to be a little app/widget thingie that would track my favorite authors, and when their Amazon search showed something new associated with their name, it would pop up a little message.  How does Amazon not have this feature?  I would love to be able to put an author in and always know when they have books coming out.  I keep up with some folks, like Sharon Shinn and Megan Whalen Turner (there was an elaborate web community devoted to stalking Jean Auel, more's the pity), but it's hard to remember everyone you want to keep up with!  I end up keeping better track of Mercedes Lackey than anyone else, and that seems like a sign that there's something missing in your life.

Which, by the way, her next Collegium Chronicles book, Redoubt, is coming out in October.  What kind of title is that?  Do you even know what the word "redoubt" means?  I know there's a noun--the high redoubt--and it can be used as an adjective--redoubtable--but I have no idea what it means. 


Aarti said...

So, I didn't really like The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. I thought it was... I don't know what word I'm looking for. I think I expected it to be more than it was, given all the build-up and that introduction? I was pretty disappointed by it. Also, it seemed




pretty obvious that the girl's boyfriend was going to die from some Horrible End, based on all the clues and historical evidence from before, and everyone seemed to gleefully ignore that...

LibraryHungry said...

I definitely think this is one of those books that is overhyped--and I mean that in the kindest way. With all the good buzz, it's easy to go in thinking you're getting a literary novel, or a great romance, or one of those cultural experiences we'll all share, however we feel about it (like--and it pains me to say this--The DaVinci Code). But really, I just found it to be a relatively fun read. And I do love books that make mysteries out of academic research.

I do see what you mean about the boyfriend, though. It's not a subtle book. Just good popular fiction, straddling the line between "fantasy" and realism, popular and well-written.