Monday, May 20, 2013

Uncaught Up

I was really expecting to use my vacation this weekend to catch up on some blogging.  Note to self: next time, double check to make sure the hotel has internet access.

I'm also finding that photos I took with my computer can't be located (which is a problem with Windows 8--everything is an "app" instead of an application, and it's frequently non-transparent with no visible Help.  So I can't show you the delightful photo I just took of my newest library book--suffice it to say that I love library bindings with those plain covers and white block letter imprinted titles on the spine.

I finished a couple of really good books in the past few days, which was kind of overwhelmingly satisfying.  I've been feeling slow as molasses lately, and I've finally figured out why; I lost a huge chunk of my reading time when I stopped taking the bus.  That was a full hour a day, probably more than half of my reading time--even more since the office moved and my commute is now a bus to a train.

Now, that's morphed into biking time most days, which is good for me and really enjoyable.  But it's completely changed my reading life, and that gap has become seriously noticeable.  Without that dedicated time, a lot of my reading is snatched in brief moments, and I get a lot less submerged in my books.  It's changing my brain, and I don't love it.

The question is what to do.  Any suggestions?  How do you fit reading time into a busy life?

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