Monday, June 10, 2013

Paroxysms of Joy

Oh, guys, I'm so excited.  A bright little world has opened up before me.

Did you know that my Kindle has speakers?  I did not know this.  I knew it had a text-to-speech feature (not using that; it's for pros), and the ability to play audiobooks.  I knew it had a headphone jack, and I even knew that it could (theoretically) sync up the ebook I'm reading with the audio version so that I can switch back and forth.

What I didn't know was that it has speakers.  I do not need headphones, earbuds, or anything else with a cord.  And this tiny revelation has changed my world.

Because when I started listening to an audiobook on here, I realized how much of a pain in the butt my iPod is.  It's great for music, but I've just never liked it for books.  You have to navigate too far to get from music to books.  The chapter divisions in the books don't make sense, and if you lose your place, you'll never find it again.  The fast forward and rewinds are not great.  It's just not ideal.

Thank you, Brenda (and Jason), for pushing The Dresden Files on me.  I'm listening to the first book right now, and aside from it being a really good book, it's read by James Marsters, who is aurally smokin hot.  (Also in other, non-audiobook-related ways, but let's stay on topic.)  His acting--at least is voice acting here--is really excellent, the characters distinct without sounding silly, and the hard-bitten detective thing really captured without overdoing it.  I'm having a lot of fun.

I have strong opinions on audiobooks.  I used to listen to a ton of them; when I worked in Back Bay, I'd add a 20 minute walk to my commute to listen to books.  I had an Audible subscription, and a very clear idea of what I was looking for in a reader.

Then there was no commute, and I can't listen to audiobooks when Adam's talking (read: when he's awake and in my presence).  I had a bus commute--good for reading, not listening.  And now I have a bike commute--except when it's raining, or when I have large things to bring to or from work.  Or when I'm not feeling well, or my bike isn't.  It's not infrequent, that drive to work, and being able to plug my Kindle--which is always at hand--into the car stereo and just press a button is so much better than wrestling my iPod out and drilling through the menus.

Guys, I might just have to reinstate my Audible membership.

Life. Changing.

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