Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm casting about for the next thing right now, and that makes me frighteningly acquisitional (acquisitive? My spell checker says acquisitive).  I have more library books (like, the hard kind, with paper) than I have since I got my Kindle.  I'm flipping through all the Kindle books I've acquired for the ones I most coveted when I acquired them (and then never got around to reading).

Luckily, book club is keeping me focused; next week's meeting is about the red hot Where'd You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple.  Now, this is a prime example of what I was discussing last time—I picked this book up a few months ago and then gave it up as "not for me." But so many people loved it, and I so wanted something perky and funny for book club this month, I was thrilled when we chose it.  And you know, now that I'm reading it on purpose, without any sense that I'm deciding whether or not to stick it out, I admit it's growing on me.

Of course, Bernadette will get its own post after the book club meeting.  Given the huge pile of library books and my embarrassing addiction to Netgalley, I'm trying to stick firmly with choosing from those lists, rather than from my big electronic pile of "things I have that have looked good for ages."  Things like The Scoripo Races, The Woman Who Wouldn't Die, The Crown of Embers, Finnikin of the Rock, The Curse of the Chalion, Chime.  Every time I'm reminded of something I was SO EXCITED about a while back, I move it to the top of my Kindle list.  And then the next one moves up, and I'm up to three pages of super-exciting urgent reads—none of which I'm reading, because there are books on paper that I should be reading! 

It's a lovely problem to have.  Even better would be a couple of hours trapped in a comfortably air conditioned elevator just after a trip to the bathroom during which to put a dent in a few of these things.

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