Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tolkeinier and Tolkeinier

I'm so incredibly closing in on the end of LOTR.  But here's the thing--I've hit about the 3/5 point in the last book--section 29 of 49--and they've defeated Sauron (sorry, retroactive spoiler there) and Aragorn has been crowned king, and Faramir and Aeowyn (audiobook; I can't spell these things) have found each other, and it's like, what's left?  What is the last 10 hours of this book going to sound like?

Because so far, it sounds like "and clad he was in mail of ebon, his tunic girded by a belt of shining gold. And far from the plains of Burlthonwig and Lurdsonveil there came joyful masses singing of the glories of the latter days of Middle Earth, and throughout Berithdwall and Emmeline there was much rejoicing."  And seriously, I believe this could go on for ten more hours and I heartily, heartily hope that will not be the case.

Seriously, JRR.  Pacing.

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