Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Red Letter Day

Guys, I filled my kindle. 

I don't even know what to make of this.  Is it because most of the books are not directly bought from Amazon but other kinds of files converted to mobipocket format?  Is it because I have so many PDFs on there? 

Or is it just because I have SO MANY BOOKS?

I got an error message right in the middle of reading, telling me there wasn't enough memory.  Then the book closed.  Didn't happen again for a while, but then I forgot about it and downloaded a couple more books (because, me). 

Next came a message about how the system update couldn't run because there wasn't room.  At this point I couldn't open any books, so I skimmed through and deleted a couple of things I could spare--some things that I'd finished but not removed, decided not to read but hadn't bothered deleting yet, kept around because I loved them so much I wanted to look back at their covers an reminisce.  A few books that I'll embarrassingly admit I had on there twice. 

I've got it down to 615 items and 188 Kindle samples.  I believe I was at 648 items when things went wonky. 

Guys?  How much space is on a Paperwhite, anyway?  Like, is it really weird that I filled up my kindle?  And please tell me that someone can relate to the need to carry around 615 books everywhere, because you never know which one you might need to read next.

Whoo, boy.  This place where I live, it's odd, I think.  Odd, and very, very full of books.

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