Thursday, March 03, 2016

Kindle Crisis!

Guys, my Kindle is acting veeeeery hinkey.  Some of the touchscreen functions aren't working.  Like, I can't use the GoTo feature at all--not for chapters, not for places.  It's just not clickable.  I also can't switch it from Portrait to Landscape mode--which is weird, because I'd been reading on Portrait mode for a few months until just the other day.  After I started having problems, I tried a bunch of different functions, and it let me switch from Landscape to Portrait, but not back.

The top row of the keyboard doesn't work, which means I can't search for a book on the Kindle, which is insanely annoying.  The lighting selector doesn't work between 6 and 15, so I can either have it very dim or very bright, but not in between. 

And the weird part is, I don't think it's a hardware problem; the touchscreen seems fine.  If I pull down the dropdown menu, I get no response from certain selections, but if I remove the menu, I can easily turn the page by tapping that exact same part of the touchscreen.  The problem is definitely software.

Mike suggests a reboot to factory settings.  Which is all well and good except for the carefully curated collection of over 600 books that is sitting on there, and which I would then have to resend one by one from my account.  On one hand, this sounds like an insanely onerous task.  On the other, it sounds like a really, really fun way to kill a few hours. 

Eek, I can't decide.  As I notice more missing functions, though, it's getting tougher.  The keyboard might be what puts me over the edge; if I can't search for a specific book on the Kindle, it's kind of pointless to have 600 at my fingertips.  It's like having hundreds of books in my basement in boxes, but only six books in each box, and I have to open every box to find what I'm looking for. 

I am helpless without my Kindle.  Pray for me.

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