Monday, April 04, 2016

My Favorite Thing About Hamilton This Week - Angelica: Tomb of the Unknown Wingwoman

I have been listening to "Satisfied" repeatedly for weeks and feeling a lot of Angelica love, and sympathy, and heartache. I got myself all Team Angelica'd up.

And then I was listening straight through the album for the first time in a while and I heard "Helpless" again.

And oh, Eliza!  She's not the brash one, but she doesn't mind watching Angelica charm the room.  And then she falls so hard.  Listening to them in order--"Helpless" and then "Satisfied"--is sweet and then heartbreaking, but listening in revers just really makes it about those two sisters, and how they love each other each in their profound and different way.

Props to Angelica, the best damned wingwoman in American history.

(Also, Peggy.  Never forget.)

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