Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oh, God. Just because I was having lunch with Jo didn't mean I needed to go to the library across the street from her office. It certainly didn't mean I needed to get two more books than I had half-planned, including one I've never even heard of. Never mind the fact that I have nine books out already, about three local (owned or borrowed) books that I'm very eager to read, and precious little time to meet these personal demands.

I can't stop, though. I drive by a library and I have to go in. Adam has been to three separate libraries in the past two weeks. (He sleeps like a champ in the Baby Bjorn.)

And on this note, I'd like to shout out to Molly Collins, a truly awesome YA librarian whose job is in jeopardy due to budget cuts at a local library. She runs a really wonderful YA room (it's always packed with kids), and it would suck for her AND for the town if she got laid off. Good luck, Molly!

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