Thursday, May 12, 2016


Half-posts and half-finished books.  Good ones, that I want to talk about in a meaty way. I'm sorry!  I've been trying to inhale as many comics as possible to keep the cracks filled in.

You'd think I could talk about some of the kids' books I read with Adam, but somehow I end up wanting to write enormous tracts on amazing authors like Ursula Vernon, whose half-finished blog post languishes.

I will also grant myself that I've gotten involved with the Friends of the Library, and the big book sale is coming up next weekend.  It's not taking too very much time, but it's taking a lot of my mental bandwidth, so I hope after next weekend I'll have the top few slots of my to-do list back for blogging.

So: look forward to a substantial post about Claire North's new book The Sudden Appearance of Hope and, and a co-review of Strong Female Protagonist, by Brennan Lee Mulligan with Kelly, the Comics Goddess.

Oh, also?  Now I really have to read Lady Susan.

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EMM said...

that looks AMAZING. I love Whit Stillman movies and Jane Austen. Now I need to go read that book!