Monday, December 06, 2004

Book Club Politics

Anyone who's reading this is familiar with Book Club politics. It's like living in that teacup where they keep that tempest. I have some very firm opinions, and some other more nebulous ones. It's always evolving, is Book Club, and changing because no one quite owns it, and so everyone's invited and everyone gets a partial share. This is what I have against democracy; this is why George W. Bush is president.

So there might be the inklings of an offshoot or renegade book club in the works. We'll see how the next few months pan out. I'll say that it's not entirely due to the quality of the picks--I'll read 'most anything. It's the nature of the meetings. Of course, how do we have meetings without inviting everybody?

First rule of Book Club: you don't talk about Book Club

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