Thursday, December 30, 2004

Strong Enough?

That is, I have to return library books today. And the new book I want to read, Mosaic, is in the library. This would always require self-control, but since this is a new book and might not be available next time I go in, it's especially hard,

Ah, but I've got at least five books that I've borrowed from other people that I should work on next. Plus the next book for Book Club, and another Graham Greene that Mike and I are going to get that I really want to read. It's important to stay focused, book-wise--but Mosaic!

Mike and I also have over $100 of Barnes and Noble gift cards to spend (and a big shout-out thank you to everyone who made that happen). This is pretty exciting, and I'm dithering about how to best apportion it. Ooooh!

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