Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Little Off Topic

It's sort of a book--Gunnerkrigg Court.  It's actually a webcomic that I learned about when Amazon sent me their "what's new in comics" email.  I've been reading it voraciously online for a few days now, to the point where I just sent a donation to the guy's website because I'm so grateful for this free awesomeness. 

Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 1: OrientationIt's fantasy about a girl named Antimony, who was raised in the hospital where her mother was an invalid and her father a surgeon.  Her mother has died, and now she's come to a boarding school, Ginnerkrigg Court. 

The school appears to be located in an enormous, largely abandoned industrial complex.  I won't say "strange things start to happen," because it's just a strange place, and Antimony is not so normal herself.  Across the river is the deep forest; various creatures populate hidden rooms, and instructors may or may not have other responsibilities besides teaching.

Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 2: Research
Antimony is a quiet, somewhat odd girl, but she is quickly befriended by the perky science fiend Kat, and the two best friends explore the school and learn more about ghosts, robots, fairies, and the various gods of the dead. 

The illustration is clean, the lettering elaborate, and the pace snappy.  There's no unwieldy exposition, but you're never confused for more than a panel.  The chapters are self-contained enough to keep things moving, but there are definitely overarching stories, mysteries, and characters to learn about.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 3: Reason
I kind of wish I had more to say about it, because I'm enjoying it so much.  But I guess what I like best is that, from the very beginning, I felt like an "insider."  That great feeling when something happens in the book you're reading that only people who know and love it as well as you do could appreciate?  It's right here, from page one.  Well, maybe page 5, but still--so good.  I highly recommend it.

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