Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Suggestions out of Context

Linden recommends The Brothers K, though not to me. I probably won't even read it, actually, since it sounds, as she says, like a very masculine book. This is quite far from my style. Also, it's about baseball, at least in part, which is not so much up my alley. But it sounds like a good family drama, and I'm willing to plug it, in case (unlikely as it may be) I have a reader who prefers masculine books. (I'd say "Greg, I'm talking to you," except I don't think he reads this.)

Also, if you like this sort of thing, or are 5, there's The Color Kittens. I actually bought a copy for my cousin when she had twins and then couldn't bear to part with it and now it's mine. "Pink as a pig, pink as toes,/pink as a rose or a baby's nose." The kittens are named Brush and Hush. I think the very word "hush" evokes something for me, something still and special.

So, off the beaten track, some options.

And hey Linden, you got blogged again.

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