Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Think of the Children!

Okay, Anna pointed out (via her mother--I understand she won't start typing classes till she's at least 6 months old) that there are certain disturbing elements in the story of Babar the Little Elephant. And surely, the fact that he marries Celeste, who is not only his cousin, but still in short dresses, is somewhat troubling.

But I'm more concerned about his callous and selfish relationship with The Old Lady, who takes him in when he's alone and naked (literally!), clothes him, and supplies him, sugar-momma-style, with all his material needs and wants. Then she also supplies cash for gifts for the relatives who start showing up on his doorstep. And what does he do? He takes off with barely a backward glance, in HER car, and doesn't even invite her to the wedding! "Hey baby, it's been great, but you're tying me down, and I gotta be free!"


So in short, this book is full of loose morals and is not appopriate for small children.

There will be another entry later about literary fiction and The New Sincerity, but I need to settle my nerves after that brush with loose French morals.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is that Anna does like looking at the pictures for now! :) (But she likes Pie Rats Ahoy!, too, so I can't say her taste is TOO sophisticated!)

I don't remember the cousin-marrying, spoiled Babar storyline from when I was a kid so I was surprised when I re-read it, too!

Good point about not inviting the Old Lady to the wedding--what a jerk!

Anna & I will have to go to the library to check out the other installments to see if Babar goes back to see the Old Lady like he said he would...