Thursday, October 13, 2005


Okay, I don't want to ruin this for anyone, but every time I pick up this book, I feel prickles on the back of my neck. Besides reading in short bursts, I think venting is the best answer. So:

You, Franklin, are BLIND!!! Listen to your wife! Help your son!

Eva, run away! I know it would be abandonment, but Franklin is determined to play this horrible lie out to the end. If you run now, you can avert....

...well, avert how we know the story ends, because the entire story is told in flashback. It seems so obvious, but is that only because it's hindsight? I think that's a major theme of this story, too. It's a very thematic tale, really.

Anyway, I've vented, and now I'm ready to take it on again.


Michael said...

Ooo... Comment Spam! You should think about turning on "word verification for comments" under settings->comments. Or turn off anonymous comments.

LibraryHungry said...

Hey, I managed to delete it entirely! Cool.

I did just turn on word verification, though I hate to prevent my THOUSANDS of anonymous readers from commenting!