Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Perfect Storm of Zombies

I don't know what possessed me to pick Stephen King's Cell for my audiobook this month, and then to start it two days after The Worst Zombie Dream Ever. I'm not really afraid of zombies during the daylight, when I'm an adult and I know there's no such thing. But it has been my fear since childhood that while I'm sleeping everyone in the world but me will turn into a dangerous beast (before zombies it was dobermans) while I sleep and I'll have no one to turn to.

So I'm walking across the Public Garden listening to the opening paragraph of the book, which takes place in Boston. And the main character is walking down Boyleston Street. Hey, I'm almost right there! And he's carrying a bag from the store Small Treasures. Hey, that's probably based on Small Pleasures, where I got my engagement ring! Cool, even a little spooky. And the gift in his bag is for Sharon.

I stopped the book. It was just too much--the zombie dream, the imaginary guy right up the block from me with a gift for me from a store that I shop at ONLY THERE WILL BE ZOMBIES!!! This is really very not cool.

I'll listen to it. I'm a grown-up. But oh, I'll be really scared.


Anonymous said...

Creepy! You are a brave woman to continue with the book, I don't think I could do it... of course that would mean I have actually started a book...

Anonymous said...

So, I guess I shouldn't send zombie Ned Flanders to your house, huh? You'd just go all crazy and shoot him or something.

I gave up on Stephen King long ago. All his horror books seem the same to me! Of course, this is from the woman currently reading a book on evolutionary biology, and one on museum exhibitions--just call me geeky!!