Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Up And Coming

I'm working on a big post with kind of a cool meme in it, but it's taking some time and energy, so I wanted to drop in and discuss my current reading list. But first, I want to point out the awesome-cool Goodreads widget that updates the images of the books I'm reading, with links directly to my Amazon Associates account. So feel free to click through those, if you'd like, or just admire the ever-changing list of books I'm reading, whether I actively blog them or not.

So, right now, I'm finally getting around to some Nero Wolfe, as recommended by my good friend Kris, whose taste is as eclectic as one might wish. It's got that fast-paced, workman-style mystery that you get in a noir tale, and I'm really loving it. I mean, it took me about two hours to read the first half, so it's not deeply profound or anything, but I have no idea what's going to happen, and I'm excited to find out. Nero Wolfe himself is kind of irritating, though. And has Orson Welles ever played him, 'cause he totally should have. It's called The Golden Spiders, by Rex Stout. (Pen name? I wonder.)

Because this is due soon, I put aside (at great emotional discomfort) the second Bloody Jack book, which I had made good progress on: The Curse of the Blue Tattoo. The reason this hurts so much is because I have FINALLY found the motherlode--a pirate book that is also about a girls' boarding school. I am absolutely swooning! And this reminds me of my fondness for boarding school books, and makes me ask: recommendations, please! Books, especially YA, that take place at boarding schools, especially of the past. Besides Charlotte Sometimes (more of a kid's book than YA) and the Great and Terrible Beauty Series (very satisfying), I'm practically stumped. Suggestions!

That's it for now. Look out for a more in-depth post in the next few days. No, really!


Kris said...

Rex Stout isn't a pen name, I promise! And Wolfe is supposed to be annoying! It's part of the charm. He's a fun writer. And if you like the books, I recommend watching the A&E adaptations of them--they're great!

Brenda Pike said...

Did you every read the Mandie books? Warning: they're religious, and I can't vouch for their quality, since I read them a zillion years ago. But I used to live to go to the grocery store (yes, the grocery store) so I could get another one. Set in a boarding school in the old West, if I remember correctly....