Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Fool

Others have told me how good Christopher Moore is, and I was always skeptical. I've been thinking about why, and I realized that I used to be skeptical about Terry Pratchett, too, before I read one of his books and realized how much meat there was to it.

And I think that's the essence of the problem; I mistrust a comic novel because I assume that comedy will be all there is. I'm not into slapstick, and I get really annoyed when a story doesn't make sense because the author's too busy being funny. I think this is the flip side of my mistrust of so-called "literary fiction." Something good has to happen. It has to fit together and make good sense, both practically and emotionally.

Holy crap, does Christopher Moore pull it off. I am fine with suspension of disbelief, and if this Britain isn't historically accurate, it's some damned fine worldbuilding. I try to keep this blog clean for the kiddies, so I won't tell you about my new favorite swearword, and I won't go on as long as I could about how absolutely FUN Pocket makes the F-word sound. I've been laughing out loud on the T.

I'm tempted to ask why you people didn't tell me about this guy before, but Brenda did suggest Lamb a long time ago, and I'll admit I was suspicious. Now, of course, I'm running right out. And trying really, REALLY hard not to end this post with a swear.

ps. JMLC, any other favorites of his?


JMLC said...

Hmm. I liked Practical Demonkeeping as well but not quite as much. And I've heard good things about, um, Fluke? I think that's what it's called. But Lamb is my very favorite.

EMM said...

I think the deal with CM is that it's hard to find one that is better than the first one you read of his. For me that was Dirty Job. Later I read You Suck and it was good. But Dirty Job was better. My mom has read almost all of them and I think she still likes Lamb - the first she read - best. Definitely keep going though, they are still really good - but I'll bet you'll like Fool best even though I've never read it.

Btw, I think your assessment of comic novels is spot on. This is why Gaimen's Anansai Boys fell flat for me. Only one of his I didn't like...

Brenda Pike said...

The Stupidest Angel is the best I've read so far. Perfect Christmas-season reading.