Sunday, December 17, 2017

Something on Sunday, 12/17

The thing that made me happiest this week, hands down, was Alabama electing Doug Jones instead of Roy Moore.  Never mind the valuable Senate seat, which is not to be discounted; I am just heartened that there are limits to partisan politics, and that Alabama did the right thing by anyone's standards.  I really wasn't expecting that. I know it was close, and I know Moore is still calling for recounts and contributions or whatever. But I had believed Moore had it in the bag, and I've never been so glad to be wrong.

This fact had a lot of competition for my Happiest Thing this week, because last night was the holiday party for my former/semi-current job.  It might be my last one ever, since I will be switching from "very part time" to "contractor maybe sometimes" in a few weeks.  My feelings about the job are big and complicated, but so many of my best friends were there, and so many people I admire and like in so many ways. Leaving hurt on a lot of levels, but the joy of that party and of dancing with all these beautiful, brilliant people, dressed to the nines and laughing, was just a beautiful thing. 

So much holiday happiness to you all.

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