Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The List

I try to keep my library list at around 30 books, which means it's usually at 35 or so. And by "keep it at" I mean "keep it down to," because if I drop below the 30 mark I will be pleasantly surprised. It goes on the library list if I'm going to have to acquire the book--from the library, a friend or the bookstore. The pile of books that I own and haven't read yet is just as daunting.

Well, I hit 40 today, possibly for the first time ever. It'll drop soon; I'm reading about four books and will probably be done at least two of them by the weekend. Still, though, it's daunting. Thrilling, but daunting.

I've been thinking about this blog and how boring it would be to readers (espcially since I haven't written much about the actual books I read yet), but the truth is, it exists primarily to preserve Katie and Elizabeth from having me run over to their cubicles every half hour explaining exactly how many books are on my library list now. Not that I'm not bugging them every day, but not quite every half-hour anymore.

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