Thursday, January 06, 2005


I've been reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

"Why?" asks Brenda, sincerely puzzled.

I've been asking myself that, too. I decided to read it because it's a classic, and I never had, and I had a comic book version of it as a kid that I liked a lot. As it turns out, there's about a comic book (read: 32 pages) worth of interesting material in that book, and furthermore, the pictures would be the best part, as it's almost exhaustively descriptions of various fish. It's hard to comprehend without reading it how exhaustive such descriptions can really be.

(I'd like to point out that I also had a comic book version of Jane Eyre, which I went on to read in full and cherish as a literary treasure.)

Both a drawback and my downfall in this Verne adventure is the fact that I'm reading it online. Someone has put it on their website (, neatly split up into chapters, with an irritating and distracting background that I have to highlight the text to ignore. So, though I feel like I'd like to just stop reading it, I feel that, as part of my reading online experiment, I need to stick with this. I'm half-reading Vanity Fair online as well, but that book isn't split as neatly into little chapters that can be read in ten or fifteen minutes, constituting the non-smoker's equivalent of a cigarette break.

Assuming it doesn't put you to sleep, in which case Jules Verne can be blamed for my low work productivity.

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