Thursday, January 06, 2005

Library Sated

Caved yesterday. Went librarying. Susan Isaacs, excellent as she's been in the past, is not promising me much with Any Place I Hang My Hat, but I have to give it a shot. The Song and the Scaffold is a translation from a German book about nuns during the French Revolution (by the way, does anyone besides me see parallels between America today and France before the Revolution? Hint: Halliburton=Marie Antoinette). Then there's Mosaic, which I've mentioned, and The Easter Parade, by Richard Yates, who wrote Revolutionary Road. The latter was a book club read a while ago, and it was quite good, in a tragic way. I wasn't planning to try another of his books, but I was in the Y section and I liked the first line.

It's a terrible burden, and a great pleasure, all these books.

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