Monday, January 28, 2008

And Me Without My Lunch Box

So school started today. Perhaps not many of you know (though I'm sure all of you can imagine) how poorly I handle new situations. I think Linden might be the only one our there reading this who understands just how much I cried during my first week at college. And any number of people will remember my ongoing delusion for my first two years at the office that every staff meeting that was called was expressly for the purpose of firing me publicly. I do understand that I overreact to these things. For the past few weeks, any hint that school was coming has caused me to come very close to wetting myself. There was much gnashing of teeth (which I have documented from my dentist--she made me buy a mouthguard, but I haven't worn it yet), and a good deal of weeping and wailing.

And then today I had class. And it was, unsurprisingly, fine. Everyone's been telling me it would be fine. And I mean, I've been to school, and I did fine, and I'm a relatively intelligent person, and seriously, how unfine can it be? Answer; not at all unfine. Inasmuch as it was fine. The material is not at all over my head; it's actually about designing empirical studies to assess how well library services are doing what they're trying to do. It makes sense; a library doesn't have sales figures to figure out whether they're successful.

So this is a good first step. The other class, meeting Thursday, will be a lot more work, but whatever happens...well, I'm in it for real now. We'll have to see what happens.

More on books tomorrow; I read a ton this weekend.

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