Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Sad Addiction

Hi, my name is Sharon and I read Babysitter's Club books. I, in fact, order them form Interlibrary Loan so I can understand how Abby was introduced to the series, or what happened when Stacey snubs the BSC in favor of her boyfriend. What I'm saying is I follow them. And, while I'm so desperately sorry, in a way I'm not sorry at all. I only wasted an hour of my life on Kristy and the Dirty Diapers (in which her softball team, the Krushers, gets sponsorship but has to wear a diaper company logo during the games--alternative title: Kristy Sells Out), and I'm only planning to spend another hour on Welcome to the BSC, Abby, the unoriginal title of which says it all.

Incidentally, Ann M. Martin appears to have gotten a new ghostwriter around book 85, and I'd like to know how one signs up for THAT gig.

Anyway, I just needed to confess that, because I just spent 20 minutes in various library catalogs and book sites trying to figure out in which volume Stacey undertakes the aforementioned snubbing. I will be checking that out soon. PS I also buy them when they're 50 cents or less at book sales.

I'm also breezing through the Ellen Emerson White oeuvre, and I'll be taking up Long Live the Queen later today. In looking for it, I ran across Friends for Life, the prequel to Life Without Friends, which was so good. I had thought it was an afterthought, but apparently this book was written first. So this will be taking up at least a little of my Spring Break reading time.

I'm finishing up Spook, by Mary Roach, which is good enough to deserve its own entry, and starting in on Austenland, which I hope pays off better than Brenda indicates it might.

I'm also about to go eat a breadless sandwich for lunch, since I forgot to buy any bread. Wish me luck, people; I think it's pretty clear I'm someone who needs it.

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Michael said...

The X-Men cover that Welcome to the BSC, Abby reminds me of can be found here: Welcome to the X-Men, Kitty Pryde. Hope you survive the experience! That cover copy has since been used many times for many different characters.