Sunday, March 30, 2008


Enna Burning...well, it had an excellent core, an excellent story. But sometimes, when a fantasy novel starts talking about what magic is like as an internal experience, it can start to sound like a crazy drug trip. And this book was about magic that makes you addicted, that hurts when it's taken away, that takes over and becomes your only motivation. To paraphrase that prince of all wisdom, Homer Simpson, fire magic is both the cause of and solution to all of Enna's problems.

So there are long passages about what it feels like to be burning up and obsessed and want and hate the wanting and then give in and say you'll never do it again, and feel it build again...etc. That said, the ending is kind of sweetly awesome.

This marks very nearly almost the last thing I have out from the library right now. I really don't want to count Stacey vs. the BSC, in which the title character gets a boyfriend and alienates the rest of the Babysitter's Club. I understand she ends up on probation at the end of the book. Thrilling.

So what's up next? Nothing's really appealing to me lately, for some reason. Out of sheer disinterest, I might come back to reading some of the books that I own. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but if that happens, I'll be so proud. I'll be back here ranting about it, I'm sure.

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