Monday, May 16, 2011

More and Better

I owe you guys--I've been gone too long!  Also, I'm reading like a fiend--you really need to keep up.

BossypantsNote that this is a link to the audiobook.  (I get my audiobooks from Audible, but they don't give me a handy little linkmaker widget like Amazon does.)  I would have read the book in print, but I would have enjoyed it less.  Because I love Tina Fey, but comedy books by comedians tend to be missing something. Bossypants, on paper, would have been no exception--witty, amusing, whatever.  But Fey brings it all into this performance with her urgent perkiness, self-deprication, and mumbled asides.  I would have smiled at the book, but I laughed out loud when she read it to me.

I love the fact, too, that she has a lot to say.  She talks about Sarah Palin, politics and SNL in general, being a working mom, her relationship with her father, women in comedy (and boy, did I learn something about women in comedy.  Makes me want to smack Christopher Hitchens one more time).  She talks about these subjects with the kind of polite candor you expect from a celebrity--well, except for women in comedy; she can really rip into that one.  But I admire the job she does here, because she can be funny but not insulting, perfectly polite but you can tell what she thinks.  She doesn't say anything brutally honest that you wouldn't expect a celebrity to say, but she gives you enough to chew on that you feel like she's really discussed her topics.

Blah blah blah.  Writing about funny is like....I don't know, smelling something pink?  I'm not really a writer, and I'm not feeling articulate.  This audiobook was awesome and made me laugh like an idiot.  Listen to it.  Now!

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