Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Roaming the Blogosphere

I have been promoted to the exalted position of Guest Blogger at Brenda's blog, Pragmatic Environmentalism.  It's an excellent blog that does a great job of looking at the practical things you might do to live a greener life, and balancing them with reality.  Half the time I'm learning something fascinating, and the other half I'm being reminded of something I knew.

What on earth could I have to say on the subject, you ask?  If, like me, you need large quantities of books to keep from going nuts, then I'm your guy.  I provide suggestions for the impatient non-library-user to get the most out of their local resources without wasting money or paper.  I'm going to pretend I'm not part of the downfall of the publishing industry.

Or we can instigate my brilliant new economic plan for publishing, which is where a payment is automatically made from my bank account directly to the author of any book that gets 3 or more stars from me on Goodreads.  We can prorate the amount of the check for the quality of the review.  Anyone with  me?

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