Friday, December 12, 2008

Library Run!

The other day, Mike sent me out into the world on my own to go to the library. It felt kind of weird, in that way that things feel when they used to be part of your life and now are very far away--remember your old commute to work? Or even imagine climbing on a school bus. Like that, kind of.

Anyway, a few days later, I had to stop at the other library to return something. This was on my way home from the doctor, so I only stopped in, but I had a list. So I've had two library trips in the past week, and let me tell you, I'm way more stocked up than I need to be! It's absolutely fabulous.

So, what did I get? Well, when I picked up my reserve book (The 19th Wife, which I already mentioned and am still loving), I grabbed a few other YA titles. One is Fairest, which is by the author of Ella Enchanted, which was pretty good. That's almost more of a kids' book, which means it'll be a quick read, but I like retold fairy tales, so I'm excited. I also got something new by the classing YA author Norma Fox Mazer. I can't even call to mind any of the books she wrote, because she wrote about 1/3 of the YA books people read. (Okay, I looked it up--Silver is the one that I loved by her, but she's written about 30 books, including the A My Name Is Amy series.) This new one is called When She Was Good, and if nothing else it should be nostalgic.

At the other library, I got The Explosionist, which is an alternate history about terrorism in England in the early 20th century, and 13 Bullets, which is a vampire book that has been on my list since Unshelved did a book talk strip on it a few months ago. It was right there in the vampire books display--how could I resist?

So I'm all stocked up, even though The 19th Wife is 500 pages long and a fairly small type and I only get about an hour or two per day to read. I feel so full of books, it's delicious. Like carbs for the soul.


Brenda Pike said...

An hour or two? Per day? I'm so jealous...

Helen said...

Carbs for the soul.. hahaha You're so cute with your book-lovin self!! :)