Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Very Vampire Christmas

13 Bullets, by David Wellington. I spent Christmas reading a pretty good vampire book, and doing some thinking about my relationship with vampire stories in general. The conclusion I've come to is that I have little use for stories that are about the tortured inner lives and sensual, lustful natures of these misunderstood sex-godlings. This is why I will not read or see Twilight. What I like in a vampire story is a monster story--they can be like animals or like zombies or whatever, but they're not sexy, and they don't wear frilly collars.

In 13 Bullets, they're mostly naked. They have intelligence, but it's definitely a monster story, not a romance. It wasn't a perfect story, but it had a lot of great action and a pretty cool twist near the end. The last page was kind of a let down--it seemed like it was leaving us open for a sequel, when the rest of the story tied up pretty neatly. But that's one page, and kind of a subplot that was treated oddly. In general, this was a pretty cool story, action-packed, detective-style.

Only don't read the back cover copy. It's misleading, or at least confusing. I'd love to write back cover copy for a living. What kind of job do you think that is? How do I get it? Anyone?

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