Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pro v Con

I'm completely stymied by this book, The Explosionist, by Jenny Davidson.

Pro: An alternate history YA novel about Scotland in the 30s, where terrorists are blowing up buildings.

Con: It appears to be about spiritualists and mediums more than political upheaval.

Pro: Thrilling cover.

Con: Confusing inside cover flap copy. Possibly supplemented by confusing plot.

Pro: So far I like the main character.

Con: Ghosts are real. Or maybe they're not. It's unclear. And what does this have to do with things exploding, anyway?

Pro: Girls' boarding school!

Con: Main character is a day student.

Pro: It's a fairly quick read.

Con: It's 450 pages long.

I've gotten to page 50, which is about my 10% rule, and I really can't decide if I want to read it yet. Grr! And to complicate the question, a lot of the other books I have to read are nonfiction, which is a big psychological jump to make. Humph.

PS: Thanks, JLMC, for the confirmation that I really don't want to read that book!

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