Sunday, November 25, 2007


Okay, an official addition to my upcoming reads list: Exodus, by Leon Uris. I absolutely must read this book, and that right soon, because I've been telling Becky I'd read it for about ten years, and I know I've been letting her down. Makes me feel like a heel, and I need to get past that.

So...Lord help me but I think I'm going to have to declare a Personal Library Renaissance. I don't want to, especially now that I'm going to the school library twice a week and working among their books...shelving them...reading a page or two...wanting to check them out. I have a huge list of things to get from there, plus I was planning to get some Wodehouse, and I was going to pick up....

Well, never mind. Personal Library Renaissance it is, which is to say no more check-outs (with the exception of things I already have on reserve that might pop up) until I've read, let's say, three books that I own. Maybe Exodus, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and then whatever strikes my fancy from the stack over there in the corner. It takes some serious strength of character on my part to do this, so wish me luck.

One little note on Maureen Corrigan (Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading): If I had any respect for her yesterday, I lost it today, when, in an extended sequence about books about the importance of a good marriage, like Pride and Prejudice, this person who is talking about what a lover of these books she is refers to Lydia as the third Bennett daughter. Anyone who loves that book (and is writing a section on it in her own book, and supposedly has an editor of some sort), should know that the Bennett sisters are, in order from the eldest, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. I admit I had to look up Kitty's name, but how can you not remember that Lydia was the youngest? That her slightly older sister Kitty rode her coattails through everything? And that Mary was the priggish, bookish middle sister with not much to recommend her? Who could forget that? Apparently, Maureen Corrigan. Ugh.

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Kris said...

Re: Corrigan OMG ME TOO, I WAS SO ANNOYED!!!! Get with it sister! Legions of even neophyte Austenites cry at your ineptitude!