Monday, November 05, 2007

A Whole New World

So I didn't get much reading done today, but I've begun a new library-centric relationship. Today was my second day volunteering at the one of the local elementary/middle school library. In January, I'll be going to grad school for library sciences, possible in a specifically school-librarian program. I wanted to kick around at a school library for a while, to figure out what it's like and if it's where I want to end up.

Most of what I've done for the past couple of sessions was just shelving and getting familiar with the library. I'll probably do some cataloging, as well. I hope that I'll be able to help with the computers, observe some of the research lessons/classes that the librarian has for the kids, etc.

I don't want to be too detailed about any of this here--unlike what I'm reading, this involves real people and my opinions of them. Also, more vitally, the dish they provided me with, and a little bit of trash talk we did about certain other people. And since I've only known this woman for a total of five hours, the fact that I was able to squeak in some trash talk should speak volumes regarding my mad gossip skills. Those of you who know me will not find this surprising.

I'll stop there and keep you guessing. This is a big juncture for me, though; a whole new phase in my relationship with libraries. I have crossed the desk.

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